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自然三摩地靜心法 Art of Meditation Sahaj Samadhi

Art of Meditation Sahaj Samadhi

Date: 19 - 21 August (3 days)
Time : 7.00pm to 10.00pm (3 hours)
Venue : The Art of Living Muar Center
Fee : RM250, course revision via donation 
Contact : Koppi 017-6159816, Lee Li 016-3666456

*open for public to register. you are welcome to brings friends and family (include those who have never attended any Art of Living Courses)

Connect to the Source

The Art of Meditation (AOM) is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its own nature. AOM is also known as Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj, in Sanskrit, means effortless and Samadhi is the silent yet lively state of awareness that lies at the source of thought – a state beyond waking, sleeping and dreaming that is an unlimited reservoir of energy, intelligence and creative power and a place of infinite peace and tranquility.
During your AOM practice the mind effortlessly experiences this state of Samadhi. Upon finishing your meditation you will find that you feel infused with these qualities of energy, clarity, creativity and perhaps most importantly, deep inner peace.

Easy to Learn

AOM is a simple mental practice that can be easily learned by anyone who can think a thought. With only two 20-minute daily sessions AOM brings profound transformation to your life. If you’re thinking: “But I don’t have 20 minutes twice a day!”
 No need to worry. The improved clarity of mind AOM brings will augment your efficiency manifold resulting in increased productivity and accomplishment with much less wasted effort.

Personalized Instruction

Although AOM is easy to learn it requires personalized instruction from a qualified teacher. It is not something that can be learned from a book. All AOM teachers have been personally trained and qualified by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in a rigorous course of study so that they can teach you this effortless technique in a precise, systematic way for maximum results. In fact, it is taught in the exact same way that it has been taught for thousands of years through a long tradition of Masters out of India.

Intructor — Rishi Vidhyadhar
Rishi Vidhyadhar is one of the world's most inspirational speakers, and is a senior teacher with the Art of Living Foundation.
A "Rishi" is a seer of spiritual truth, and "Vidhyadhar" means Beholder of Knowledge. Traditionally, the Rishis were the ancient seers to whom the Vedas were revealed, however this timeless wisdom is now undergoing a massive global revival.
Rishi Vidhyadhar completely embodies this knowledge. He now travels the world full-time, sharing the secrets of science and spirituality with whoever he meets. And for those who simply feel the desire to know a little more about the Self or the Universe, don't miss this rare opportunity to attend the Sahaj Meditation Course with Rishiji.




自然三摩地靜心法 : 深度的休息





自然三摩地 (Sahaj Samadhi) 靜心法


自然三摩地意味不費力的超越。參與者學習放下所有的緊張及壓力,提供心智亟需的深度休息,令清醒的心智安頓於本我深處。它能在短時間裡鬆弛緊繃的神 經、釋放壓力,使頭腦獲得深度休息與充電,由波動的負面情緒中回復平靜,同時滋養內在性靈、強化體能與免疫力、延緩老化,並開發未知潛能。


自然三摩地靜心法源自吠陀傳統,來自印度開悟聖者古儒吉大師(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)的證悟心得。它提供一種令人訝異、簡單、優雅、卻又毫不費心力的過程,有異於市面上其他均需某種層次心理工作的冥想法門。靜心並非思考有 興趣的主題。那種沉思形態的價值在提供不同角度的省思,其心智仍滯留於文字與觀念層面。自然三摩地靜心法使心智脫離所有表層概念,帶引你回歸本我覺知與寧 靜。這種體驗無法靠人為的努力產生,因為本我不是外在的任何目標。有效的靜心法並非任何形式的努力或集中,誠如古儒吉大師所言,自然三摩地靜心法是反集中 的!雖然集中與專注是它在日常生活中的效益。





指导老师-Rishi Vidhyadhar 

上述課程將由Rishi Vidhyadhar主持,Rishi是印度人對聖哲或仙人的尊稱,其名字的含義是融會貫通古老吠陀智慧的智者。Rishi經常被委派主持印尼峇厘島的國際高級課程,講課風趣幽默,充滿睿智。

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