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  • 清除體內累積的毒素,活化細胞
  • 消除緊張壓力以及所衍生的酸痛與不適現象
  • 強化免疫能力、激發人體自癒疾病的能力
  • 促進神經系統的放鬆與平衡運作
  • 安定心神、提高集中力、記憶力、與創造力
  • 轉變消極與否定的心態模式,創造積極快樂的人生觀
  • 穩定情緒,剷除恐懼、抑鬱、焦慮等負面情緒
  • 開發潛能、提昇個人成長、促進良好的人際關係
  • 健康、活力、自信、熱忱、喜悅等全新感受  
聯絡:麗莉老師 0163666456 小琬 0105055173
Art of Living Basic Course adding value to GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) and coloured your life
Have you ever been told to breathe in while counting from one to ten? You may have been given this advice to calm down from stress, and noticed that it worked. Did you know that it is possible to keep the same sense of calm from day to day? The key to achieving greater happiness isn’t very far. In fact, an Art of Breathing Course instructor would tell you it is right under your nose. Literally. It’s all in something as simple as the breath.
Date : December 24th (Tue) to 28th (Sat) 2013
Contact : Teacher Lee Li 0163666456; xiaowan 0105055173
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